We, Daurio & Franklin LLP, are a firm of Professional Accountants of diverse backgrounds and interests who have come together as a team to provide simple, yet effective services and solutions to our clients.
Our clients span the nature of business activity in and around the Toronto area, with some having international offices in California, Texas, London, Madrid, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
We work with clients in IT, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and the traditional professional service individuals and firms. In addition, we have developed several specialized service areas, where the depth of the firms’ knowledge, as evidenced by the firm’s market share, is significant. Those industry segments are:

  • Condominiums;
  • Media & Entertainment;
  • Not-for-Profit;
  • Real Estate, Development and Rental;
  • Single Family Offices.
We are different from other smaller firms, and public accounting firms in general, firstly because we do not employ students, but rather our accountants are all already fully qualified professionals. Secondly, we do not manage our people in a hierarchal structure, rather our professional team is disciplined and responsible in their own right. Finally, we have developed industry specific technology tools and templates which allow us to complete the more mundane compliance tasks efficiently, therefore allowing us time to stop and think.
This considered reflection allows the firm's professionals the opportunity to answer the following questions:

In an audit, "do the numbers make sense?";
In a tax restructuring, “is the solution simple yet effective?; is it elegant?”;
In other compliance work “have we missed anything?”.

We believe strongly in the power and importance of thinking. Considered reflection is our hallmark and is the foundation of providing simple, yet effective services and solutions to each and every client at each and every opportunity.